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so in the span of like, a year

we went from Aveline de Granpré, the first female Assassin to lead her own title (even if on a portable system) and the first major WOC Assassin we’ve had to date in the games, and one of exactly two Black women in the entire series (the other being a minor NPC on the Homestead)

to a nameless naked Black woman in a 2 second scene tailored for the male gaze to establish the white hero as a virile swaggering ladies’ man who can bang two chicks at once

we went from Black female empowerment to Black female fetishization and hypersexualization in the span of a year with this series

and don’t get me started on how the Native Assassin got exactly one game, and the awesome ship combat mechanics his game introduced get taken and expanded upon and used with his white grandfather

if they wanted pirate shit either Connor OR Aveline would have made more sense, considering both of them were active in the Caribbean and AVELINE’S FROM NEW ORLEANS

All of this.

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    All of this.
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    So, the one Native American main character and the one black main character we have each get one game? After have THREE...
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    and they spent a ton of time hanging out in the caribbean with the black and indigenous ppl who were there and they...
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    someone putting my thoughts into words bless.
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    Oh my god he looks like Prince Charming from the Shrek series:
  19. ademska said: aaaaaaand the last glimmer of hope fades from my bitter heart cool