Suffering from the ‘side-effects of learning an intelligence quotient too early in life’


I am a male in Boston for my early twenties looking for a female wherever and of no particular age. In my spare time I play economics games, gradually pick up other languages, and read Deleuze, Sade, Marcuse, Kundera, Bolano, and Tao Lin. I am hopelessly confused about a vague resistance to apathy. Along those lines, I don’t have a firm opinion on the oxford comma. My favorite poet is Ferlinghetti, and only for one particular poem. Perhaps I over think sometimes; I’d like someone who won’t be too adverse to analyses that may seem foreign. Sometimes something I say has an undertone of pretension but I’m trying to stop that (side-effects of learning an intelligence quotient too early in life). I’d like someone who likes the idea of living a life of ideological dynamism. But not just abstractly. I’d like to communicate, really communicate with someone willing to explore other ways of thinking. I’m asking for a little chaos, or a ton, whichever seems appropriate. Let’s talk art, film, politics, scientific research, local poetry—whatever, before we go to Walden pond, or to a roof party, or to some small town with something we’d like to experience. Let’s try to know everything and be okay with failing.